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The service life of crocodile scissors

 With the development of the economy, China has paid more and more attention to the environmental protection problem. The state has increased the support for the renewable resources industry, and a number of new manufacturers and related products related to the renewable resources industry have emerged. Crocodile scissors are highly used products in the recycling industry. They are widely recognized by the renewable resources industry for their stable performance, simple operation and low energy consumption.


In the use of crocodile scissors, crocodile scissors are the only vulnerable parts. The life span of the crocodile scissors directly affects the quality of crocodile scissors and the cost of manufacturing. It is one of the problems that need to be improved in the quality management and cost management of the manufacturers of regenerated resources equipment. In today's market competition with quality and price as the core, this problem is being paid more and more attention by renewable resource equipment manufacturers. Let's discuss how to improve the service life of crocodile scissors


First, when the blade wear and the cutting material related to the crocodile scissors, the sheared movement of the plate to the plate, the surface is relative friction, because the hardness of the plate is relatively high, the edge of the blade produces Lieutenant wear and scraping, making the metal gradually plastic deformation and fatigue wear and tear on the blade surface. The life of the tool decreases with the increase of the time of use and the increase of the material of the sheared sheet.


Second, the gap between the upper and lower knives after grinding is unreasonable, and then affects the quality of products.
(1) the form and degree of wear and tear of upper and lower knives. The cutter face a is obviously worn out in the range of about 10mm above the edge, the edge of the working face B has a certain wear and tear, the two sharp angle blade is blunt, the thickness of the two a is thinner, and the C of the working face of the knife is also obviously worn out in the 10mm range below the edge of the blade, and there is also a certain wear, sharp angle knife or right angle at the edge of the working face d. The blade is blunt, and the thickness between the C face edge and the corresponding end face becomes thinner. Although domestic and imported crocodile scissors have some differences in service life, there are still some same problems: the wear resistance of the blades is poor, some blades will produce disintegration and cracking; after the knife, the use effect is poor and the quality is not stable; three is the frequent replacement of the new knife, the expense is big, the production cost is raised.
(2) blade wear leads to clearance changes between the upper and lower blades. General enterprises will pay more attention to the grinding of a and C, but little attention should be paid to the gap changes caused by them.
(3) the corresponding change of the thickness of the blade is ignored. After grinding, the effect is poor. This is because the thickness of the groove width retaining ring is fixed, and the gap between the upper and lower blades is not reasonable.
Third, the wear resistance of the blade is related to the material and the hardness of heat treatment. The wear resistance is related to the hardness of the material and the hardness of the tissue, the quantity, the size and the distribution of the hard points. The higher the hardness, the more the carbide, the more uniform distribution and the better the wear resistance.


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