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What causes the sudden shutdown of the scrap metal crusher?


In the process of using the scrap metal crusher, some breakdowns sometimes occur. Sudden shutdown in production is one of the common faults. It also causes certain problems for the user. What causes the sudden shutdown of the scrap metal crusher? 

       First, When using the scrap metal crusher, it is not allowed to overload the equipment in order to increase the output. This will easily cause plugging of the feed inlet or the crushing chamber, resulting in the motor not turning and causing the equipment to stop suddenly and affect normal production. , so even adding materials can guarantee normal production.
       Second, scrap metal crusher If you work long hours, if the bearing wear or damage will cause the device to suddenly stop, so in the metal crusher daily production, the need for timely investigation, but also do a good job of bearing maintenance.
       Third, if the voltage of the scrap metal crusher is too low during production, the equipment will not have the power to crush the metal materials, and it will also cause sudden shutdown. Therefore, before production, it is necessary to measure and adjust the voltage so that the voltage can reach the working requirements of the equipment.
       The scrap metal crusher is the core part of the scrap metal crushing production line. Its research and development are of great significance to improving the level and quality of scrap metal used in China and realizing the upgrading of metal recycling processing equipment in China.

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