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Four-point safety operating procedures for hydraulic balers

 1. The material used for setting up the hydraulic balers must be a qualified hydraulically packed rack bar with deformation, cracks, and other defects. Connections and fasteners are strictly prohibited. The fasteners and connectors of the hydraulic balers must not be welded. Way to repair.


2. The foundation of the hydraulic baler must be smooth, compact and hard. Its metal base must be flat and must not be deformed. When the floor is soft, sweeping rods or pads must be used to increase the force surface and increase stability.


3, all hydraulic balers must be set up in accordance with relevant standards and regulations (hydraulic baler to be horizontal and vertical, span and spacing to meet the specification requirements). Regardless of the height to which the hydraulic baler is erected, unstable conditions are not allowed.


4. The springboard on the hydraulic baler must be laid neatly, and the width and length should be the same (except for special parts). The springboard on any hydraulic baler must be securely fastened and there must be no large holes on the platform (except for special parts).

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