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Metal grinder structural characteristics and working principle

 Metal crusher structure The machine has a total of 3 rows of hammerheads, each row of 10, a total of 30 hammerheads, the gap between the hammerhead a = 60mm, the gap between the hammerhead and the shell plate is 25mm, the rotary diameter of the hammerhead 1250mm, hammerhead weight 27kg, effective wear is 1/2 of the weight of the hammerhead. Work principle The block material enters the crushing chamber from the material inlet and falls into the crushing chamber. It is strongly impacted by a hammer that rotates at a high speed to form a strong collision between the hammer head and the material, the material and the casing, and between the material and the material. broken. The first comminuted material falls to the screen body at the bottom of the smashing machine body. The material less than the width of the fence and the gap between the gyration hammer and the screen bar falls from between the fences, and the material larger than the above two dimensions passes through the oscillating hammer and the screen bar. Squeeze to complete the second smash.

The improvement of the hammerhead structure can be seen from the working principle of the pulverizer. The hammerhead is the most important part of the pulverizer. The stronger the impact ability of the hammerhead, the better the effect of crushing the material. Therefore, the design of the hammerhead is an important part. The structure of the hammerhead has been modified to improve the structure of the front hammerhead. It can be seen that the improved thickness of the hammerhead is increased by 15mm before the improvement and the width of the hammerhead end is increased by 20mm. The length from the hanging hole to the end of the hammerhead is increased. 10mm, the radius of the outer circle of the hammer head is changed from 90mm to 75mm. Improve the impact of the hammer on the impact of the material to increase the center of gravity of the hammer in the diameter of the outward shift, the hammer in the course of the operation of the line speed increases, the impact of the hammer head on the material also increases, thus enhancing the crusher Crush effect.


The effective wear of the hammerhead increases the weight of the original hammer of the machine by 27kg, and the effective wear amount is only about 1/3, that is, the effective wear of a hammerhead is only 9kg. By improving the structure of the hammerhead, the total weight of the hammer changes Small, the effective wear of the hammerhead is increased to nearly 2/3 of the total weight, that is, the effective wear of the hammerhead with a single weight of 27kg is 16kg. Therefore, the improved set of hammers can be used as two sets before improvement, which reduces the use cost of hammers. Reduce the size of the material to be discharged and increase the output of the hammer. After the improvement of the hammer, the length of the hanging head of the hammerhead to the tip of the hammer changes from 350mm to 360mm, so that the diameter 1250mm becomes 1270mm in diameter, and the gap between the hammerhead and the shell changes from 25mm to 15mm. The gap between the hammerhead and the hammerhead is reduced by 15mm, so that the particle size of the discharge of the pulverizer can be changed from the original 20mm or less, 25% powder material to 8 to 10mm, and 60% to powder material, which greatly improves the The crushing effect of the pulverizer increases the output of the table. When designing this equipment, the factory took into consideration various factors such as the fragility and particle size of the crusher's hardware, materials, etc. Therefore, the design of the hammer has universality, but the metal hardness is relatively large and fragile. For this reason, The structure of the hammer head of the crusher has been improved. After the improvement, the crushing effect and the service life of the hammer head have been greatly improved.

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