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What happens to the noise of the briquetting machine?

 In the daily production, when there is no abnormality in the briquetting machine, it will not affect the production. However, no matter what abnormality occurs in the equipment, it will affect the production efficiency of the briquetting machine. In response to this problem, the following solutions are available:


At the end of the day's work or before the next work, clean the equipment room to prevent noise. The bearing of the briquetting machine adopts an eccentric shaft, which is considered for ease of adjustment after wear. After the wear of the bearing, it is necessary to contact the technical personnel in time to adjust the bearing or replace it under the guidance of the technician. During the operation of the briquetting machine, do not use artificial feeding, otherwise it will be inefficient, and there will be a lot of raw materials scattered outside and noise phenomenon, in fact it will be a waste, as a professional manufacturer of briquetting machine, We recommend using a conveyor to perform the replacement after the material is fed and the material is worn out; the oil pressure of the oil supply system and the steam pipe is periodically checked; the moisture content of the processed material must be controlled within the range specified in the manual, and a moisture controller is provided. Can roughly measure the moisture content; in the replacement of equipment easy to wear parts, must be replaced in sets, not with the old and new use. Only in this way can we ensure that the gaps and discharges between them are kept in harmony.


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